Microsoft Excel Crash Course

1. The Beginning of MS Excel & Its Environment

2. Fill & Custom Autofill

3. Professional Uses of Format Painter

4. Basic Calculation (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division)

5. Change Workbook View

6. Practice with Font Group

7. Practice with Alignment Group

8. Practice with Number Format

9. Viewing Data on Worksheet with Freeze Pane

10. Create & Manage Hyperlink

11. Page Setup & Print Worksheets Professionally

12. Necessary Functions & Formulas

a) Mathematical Functions: Sum, Average, Min, Max, Count, CountA, CountBlank

b) Logical Functions: If (Including & Excluding Else), Nested If

c) Text Functions: Left, Right, Mid, Lower, Upper, Proper, Trim, Concatenate

d) Date & Time Functions: Now, Today, Hour, Minute, Second etc.

e) Lookup Functions & Reference: Vlookup, Hlooup, Match, Index, Combination of Index & Match

13. Cell Joining Using Ampersand (&)

14. Use of $ Sign (Relative, Absolute, Mixed)

15. Exploring Hidden Options of ‘Paste Special’

16. Create & Manage Table with Slicer

17. Data Sorting & Filtering

18. Conditional Formatting

19. Data Validation & Create Drop Down List

20. Secure Worksheet & Workbook by Generating Password

21. Various Excel Secrets & Shortcuts