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Excel Trainer - SDC;
CA (CC) & Certificate Level;
BBA, MBA in Accounting.

Course Duration:

10 Weeks (30 Hrs)

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Basic to Advanced


Bangla and English

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Get the most out of Microsoft Excel faster and easier than ever and be the Excel Expert of your work place. In this training, maximize your productivity with Microsoft Excel’s best tools and shortcuts; because this training has been designed for the students, newly recruited professionals, mostly regular excel users & keenly interested MS Excel learners who are want to improve and sharp or re-sharp their knowledge in this case. Participants will learn to excel features & functions from the very basic stage to the mostly advanced stage phase by phase with the 100% practical project work & real life example.


It is widely agreed that close to 70% of Excel users leave 80% of Excel untouched. That is, most users don’t tap into the full potential of Excels built-in utilities. In this course we will explore those uncovered area on such fine manner that attendees can readily imply them in their regular work just after attending the program.


  • Participants should have minimum computer knowledge & its operating skills i.e. Opening & Shutting Down PC / Laptop, Starting & Closing MS Excel, Copy & Paste etc.).
  • Must be installed MS Excel 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019 / Office 365 (Recommended : MS Excel 2013 or above). 
  • For offline / venue based training : Participants have to bring laptop.
  • For online training : Attendees should have internet connected PC or mobile.


3 Hours 

  • Getting Familiar With MS Excel Interface & Its Common Options:
    • Customize Quick Access Toolbar
    • Discussion About Backstage View
    • Customize Ribbon
    • How To Add Developer Tab
    • Managing Worksheets: Hide, Unhide, Insert, Delete, Color
    • Sheet Move or Copy & Rename
    • Inserting & Hiding Columns & Rows
    • Adjusting Row Hight & Columns Width
    • Name Box & Formula Bar
    • Fill & Advanced Autofill
    • Create & Manage Hyperlink
    • Uses of Format Painter
    • Basic Calculation (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division)
    • Change Workbook View
    • Create & Manage Custom View
  • Practice With Font Group:
    • Professional Font Size
    • How To Maintain Fill Color & Text Color
    • Increase & Decrease Indent
    • Customizing Border
    • Strikethrough, Superscript & Subscript
  • Practice With Alignment Group:
    • Horizontal & Vertical Alignment
    • Text Control: Wrap Text, Shrink To Fit, Merge Cells
    • Text Orientation
  • Practice With Number Group:
    • Number Format
    • Comma Style And Increase & Decrease Decimal
    • Currency, Text, Date & Time
  • Preparing Invoice

3 Hours 

  • Discuss & Practice With Insert Tab
    • Insert & Edit Pictures
    • Insert Shapes
    • Insert SmartArt
    • Insert Text Box
    • Insert Equation & Symbol
    • Table & Chart (Basic Part)
  • Page Setup & Printing A Worksheet Smartly:
    • How To Print Large Worksheet Professionally
    • Managing Page Margins & Orientation : Top, Bottom, Left & Right
    • Managing Print Titles & Gridlines : Rows To Be Printed At Top On Each Page
    • Setting Page Number
    • Printing A Specific Area Of A Worksheet
    • Customizing Header & Footer
    • Managing Page Break
  • Necessary Functions & Formulas (Part 01):
    • Mathematical Function : Sum, Average, Min, Max, Variance
    • Text Function : Left, Right, Mid, Lower, Upper, Proper, Trim, Concatenate, Len, Value
  • Viewing Data On Worksheet:
    • Showing – Hiding The Screen Objects
    • Freeze Top Row & First Column
    • Freeze & Unfreeze Pane While Scrolling
  • Entering Data In Cells & Sheets:
    • Paste Specials Options
    • Go To Special Options
    • Relative Cell Reference
    • Absolute Cell Reference
    • Mixed / Partial Relative & Absolute Cell Reference

3 Hours 

  • Necessary Functions & Formulas (Part 02):
    • Logical Functions : If Condition (Excluding & Including Else), Nested If Formula

  • Formula Auditing & Show Formula
  • How To Prepare & Maintain A Salary Sheet
  • Data Sorting & Filtering:
    • Data Sorting With Single & Multiple Criteria Respectively
    • Sort By Month or Day Name
    • Data Sort By Color
    • Row & Column Wise Sort
    • Data Filtering : Single & Multiple Criteria
    • Data Filtering By Color
    • Customized Filtering : Text Values, Number Values
    • Clear Filtered Data By One Click
  • Conditional Formatting:
    • Single & Multiple Conditional Formatting
    • Highlighting Top Or Bottom Values
    • Highlighting Cells Rules
    • Data Bar Type Conditional Formatting with Gradient & Solid Fill
    • Color Scale Conditional Formatting
    • Icon Set Conditional Formatting
    • Customizing Icon Set
    • Clearing The Conditional Formatting

3 Hours 

  • Preparing Result Sheet Using If Condition

  • Necessary Functions & Formulas (Part 03):
    • Lookup Functions: VLOOKUP, Hloookup, Match, Index Function, Combination of Index & Match Function.
    • Date & Time Functions: Day, Month, Year, Now, Today, Weekday, Edate, Dated If, Days360, Network days.
    • Logical, Financial & Statistical Function: And, Or, Not, IS, Sum If, Count If, Count A, Count Blank, PMT Function.

3 Hours 

  • Data Validation:
    • Setting Data Validation In A Specific Area
    • Drop Down List For Easy Data Entry
    • Changing Data Validation
    • Finding Data Validation
    • Array & Sheet Referencing
  • Secure Worksheet & Workbook By Generating Password:
    • Protect Worksheet Structure
    • Protect Workbook
    • Restricting Editing In A Specific Sheet Area
    • Unprotect The Sheet With Correct Password
    • Removing Password To Unprotected The Sheet
  • Interest Calculation Based On Deposit: Normal Interest, Compound Interest
  • Labour Payment Bill & Overtime Calculation


3 Hours 

  • Electricity Bill Calculation


  • Necessary Functions & Formulas (Part 04):
    • Round Function, Roundup Function, Rounddown Function, Goal Seek Command
  • Create & Manage Table:
    • Create An Excel Table From A Cell Range
    • Add Column & Rows In The Table
    • Customize Table Style Options
    • Controlling Table Using Slicer
    • Sorting & Filtering Table Data
    • Convert A Table To A Normal Range

3 Hours 

  • Data Visualization – Creating & Working With Charts:
    • Creating Recommended Charts
    • Moving & Resizing A Chart
    • Formatting And Editing Objects In A Chart
    • Changing A Charts Source Data
    • Changing A Chart Type
    • Working With Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Line Charts, Scatter Charts
    • Uses Of 3 Types Of Sparklines: Line, Column, Win & Loss
  • Create & Manage Pivottable & Pivotchart (Part 01):
    • Intro of Pivottable
    • Creating Pivottable With One Row & Column
    • Creating Pivottable Report With Multiple Groups
    • Changing Layout Pivottable
    • Text Orientation

3 Hours 

  • Create & Manage Pivottable & Pivotchart (Part 02):
    • Managing Subtotal & Grand Total
    • Changing The Data Field Summary Operation
    • Drill Down The Pivottable Value
    • Filtering The Pivottable Data
    • Creating Pivotchart
    • Use Slicers In Pivottable
    • Formatting A Pivotchart
    • Printing A Pivottable
    • Printing A Pivotchart
  • How To Prepare & Maintain A Professional Petty Cashbook In Excel Sheet

  • Concept Of Macro

3 Hours 

  • Concept Of VBA
  • Practice With Practical Business Case Study
  • Various Excel Secrets & Shortcuts
  • Problem Solving & Recap
    (Topics From 1st to 8th Class)

3 Hours 

  • Practical Exam


Training Schedule


BATCH 1:- 

Friday : 9.00 am to 12.00 pm


4th Floor, Gausia Market, Beside Dewanhat Fire Service, Agrabad, Chattogram.

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For More Information

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